Printed book vs ereader: which one to choose?

In all likelihood, you have witnessed or may be even have been involved into one of the arguments between the real bookworms enjoying reading exclusively printed books and the readers who prefer relying on the modern technology. Of course, the most popular argument between these two groups of book enthusiasts is which type of books is actually better. Is it a printed version of a book or a e-copy made for reading with the use of an ereader?

In this article, we will show you why there is no need to fight and the best approach will be combining the advantages of both of the versions of books. Still, pay your attention to the fact we are referring to special ereader devices here, not just reading ebooks on any electronic gadget such as a smartphone or a tablet computer. This is crucial since the technology used in ereaders is the most successful when it comes to simulation the effect of a printed book.

Engaging and immersive experience

One of the greatest advantages of printed books which can’t be achieved even by the best models of ereaders is the immersive reading experience. There is an entire number of factors helping readers to get engaged into reading better.

Of course, the smell of a book and the tactile sensations are of the paramount importance. Yet, a printed version of a book also attracts with its overall appearance while reading an ebook is rather depersonalised and doesn’t allow you to get an idea of the general representation of the book. The book cover, its illustrations, the possibility of freely wondering through its pages without a need to navigate relying on buttons and search tools give you a unique feeling of a connection with the book.

No matter whether your book is old or new, you will still be able to enjoy exclusive feelings coming from the both of reading experiences. For instance, a new book gives its readers a satisfaction of getting through its perfectly neat pages for the first time. At the same time, holding an old book in your hands offers a totally different feeling of connection with all the previous readers of this edition.

Certainly, all of these positive emotions about printed books are even intensified once you see one of the beautiful editions of them which gives a strong feeling of something highly aesthetic. The impression of the mere appearance of a physical copy of a book can be thus strong that you might decide to purchase it exclusively based on it without even being particularly bothered by its content.

Needless to say, such an immersive experience of reading a printed book is a great way to escape from the digital world which is so difficult to do nowadays. If you are struggling with modern devices for any reason, whether it is the extra pressure put on your eyesight, struggling with distractions brought by these gadgets or even fighting a real technological addiction, physical books are one of the greatest ways to disconnect yourself from any disturbing activities while learning to focus on something not based on technology.

Millions of books accessed instantly

As you can imagine, none of these great things about physical books is possible with ebooks. Still, ereaders will provide you with totally different advantages.

Undeniably, you are totally aware of a gigantic choice of ebooks available in the online stores. With the help of thousands of reviews and advanced search engines, you can easily purchase an ebook within a couple of minutes and receive it on your device immediately. Even though this process is completely deprived from the pleasure of shopping for books in a real bookstore, it is undeniably highly convenient.

Furthermore, advanced recommender systems can really help you to get a book which you might enjoy, so you will be able to avoid the frustration of wasting your money and time on books you don’t like.

Certainly, not only an online bookstore has millions of options for its customers. Your ereader can keep a colossal collection of books as well. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy each of your books on the go which is not possible with printed books. Certainly, this is particularly great for travelling.

Furthermore, the design of modern ereaders itself is particularly auspicious for reading since the screen of these devices make it more comfortable to read during a particularly sunny day and their led lights give extra convenience for reading in the darkness.

Finally, the prices of ebooks are already reduced due to lack of their physical part. This makes them even more cheaper on sales. Moreover, you can get legal access to thousands of classic ebooks completely for free. This is so since the copyright for many classic titles has already expired and since the digital copies of them are free from the costs of production, you can get them completely free of charge.

As you can see, both printed books and ebooks have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s time to make the most of your reading experience and use both of the forms of the books.