How can you fix display and audio problems in a laptop?

Everyone experiences certain problems with their laptops from time to time and it is useful to know what can be done even if you do not regard yourself as a person particularly knowledgeable of technology. This article will give you more information on the problems related  to the audio and display of your laptop.

Display issues

The laptop boots but the screen is not showing up properly, you might want to make sure the display is turned on or plugged-in in the first place. Hold the fn key and press the the key which activates the screen, a number of times until the display comes back. If that did not work, then go ahead and check for the LCD cut-off button or switch. Some laptops have this switch which cuts the display off when the display is shut down. In case of a removable monitor make sure it is reattached properly.

For older laptops, if the display goes dim, you might have change the inverter or probably some back lights on the LCD panel died.

If the screen is cracked or won’t show up, plug-in another monitor which most of the laptop has a port for.

You have plug a laptop into another monitor and the monitor shows nothing. You need to take consideration of the hardware and operating system as well. Using dual display requires some internal and perhaps external settings before it actually works out.

Audio Problems

In case the audio is not working, check for the hardware mute or volume button or any switch. One easy way to verify that is to look at the notification area and see if it is muted or not. Verify if the operating system is configured to using the right output device.

If the device was recently repaired or upgraded, check if the speakers are connected properly.

In case, there is still no sound, plug-in external speaker or headphone and listen for the sound. If there is still no sound, probably the internal speaker is damaged.

Always double-check the proper configuration of the sound before you jump in to replace the speakers.

Input Problems

The problem is not always related to hardware. See if the system is running smoothly without the hardware. Input devices may act up if the system is freezing up.

In case none of the keys work, you may have the keyboard not connected well.

If you are getting numbers instead of letters, chances are the ‘num lock’ key is on. Hit it again and it should go away.

Laptop keyboards are often roughly used than desktop due it wherever it is taken. If the key is sticky or not going all the way down, chances are some debris are preventing it to function properly. Get a compressed air can and clean the keyboard with it.

These are typical problems but not limited to these points. These are to give you general idea of how you can use these points to your need.

Bonus: troubleshooting wireless devices not working properly

In case the wireless do not work at all, you might want to see if the device has a switch, which toggle the wireless on and off. You can look along the edges of the laptop for a switch. check your notification area for airplane mode activity. Is it on or off?

If you recently have your laptop display fixed in from somewhere possibility is, an antenna is disconnected which runs along the side of the laptop.

Try toggling the key combination for wireless or Bluetooth adapter, or for toggling airplane mode. You usually press the fn key with another key, typically resides in the f1 – f12 rows.

If the wireless works intermittently, chances are you are out of or at the edge of the range. Also too many wireless device operating at the same frequency sometimes congest the signal, known as congestion.