Laptops with non-removable batteries – tips for taking care

The modern trend of producing devices with non-removable batteries has spread from smartphones, tablet computers and ebook readers to laptops as well. On the one hand, this form of design allows manufacturers to create particularly slim and compact models of laptops, however, when it comes to the practical usage, it also means such portable computers have a rather limited lifespan.

Providing you would like to avoid a situation in which you will not be able to use your laptop only because its battery is spoilt although all other components are still working properly, you should check this article with tips for care.

Keep an eye on the temperature of your laptop

One of the most crucial factors which can cause the damage to your laptop is an inappropriate temperature. This relates not only the temperature of the laptop itself but also the temperature of the surroundings. While the temperature below zero is not necessarily good for your portable computer, overheating is a downright threat to it.

It might be not thus complicated to avoid the dangerous temperature of surroundings, yet, when it comes to the internal temperature of your device, usually, it is not such a simple task. That is so, since a computer tends to overheat as a result of its work itself.

The models of laptops which used to be popular before the advent of the computers with non-changeable batteries allowed their owners to get the batteries out for the time of using programmes particularly consuming the computers’ resources. Unfortunately, the majority of the laptops of the latest generations, regardless of their prices won’t provide you with such an option.

In this case, one of the basic things you should do is keeping the vent of your laptop clean. This is actually not so complicated. It might be enough to stop using your laptop while keeping it on a cushion or other objects covered with textiles. This will be really useful for your computer since the vent won’t get any small particles from the fabric inside as well as dust. In addition to it, keeping your laptop on a hard and plane surface such as a table provides it with a better air circulation.

For that reason, if you use your laptop in your bed on a regular basis, you should think about purchasing a special laptop table.

Some models of laptops initially have somewhat worse air circulation which makes them overheated even when their vent is absolutely clean. If this is the case of your computer or you have to use rather resource-demanding programmes, you should think about purchasing a cooling pad for your laptop.

Discharge your laptop and charge it on a regular basis

Another useful tip for keeping the battery of your laptop in its optimal condition for as long as possible is by charging it and discharging on a regular basis.

This is not such an obvious recommendation and many laptop users are still arguing with each other about the best approach to charging their computers. While some believe it will be better to leave a computer plugged without a break, others are sure it will be better to use the battery as it is supposed be used by default unplugging the laptop when the battery is full and charging it when it is empty.

According to the specialists, the battery of your laptop will be functioning for a longer time if you keep it plugged for most of the time, albeit, letting the battery to discharge regularly and charge again. Still, depending on the temperature of your laptop, you might also need to unplug it more frequently since charging the battery is a process generating heat as well. At the same time, you shouldn’t be afraid of the possibility to damage your battery for keeping the laptop plugged even when the battery is full. That is so since these batteries can’t be overfilled.

This information is also essential for those readers who by any chance still have a device with a removable battery. Some computer users are sure getting a battery out of a laptop and using it without it completely whenever you have a chance to plug your laptop is the best way to deal with it. As you can see, this is not exactly like this especially if you are using your computer exclusively at home or in the office and can make do without a battery for a long time. Remember, it has to be discharged and charged regularly.

Keep an eye on the level of charge in the battery

As we have just mentioned above, the battery can’t be overcharged. It can be damaged by being empty though.

When it comes to the batteries used in modern laptops, the minimum level of charge in such a battery which won’t cause any problems is 20%. Don’t let the battery to get thus empty on a regular basis and make your best to avoid its full discharging at all.

Note this is the information proved by real studies which showed that having a battery discharged completely for 600 times will lead to the decrease of its capacity to 70%. At the same time, discharging the battery only by 50% before plugging your laptop will allow you to make more than 1500 discharges before its capacity will get reduced by 30%.