Do you really need an ereader?

Can you call yourself a real bookworm? Then, you are definitely aware of all the issues bookworm struggle with on a daily basis. The greatest one of them is, undeniably, a problem of storing all of your books at home. Books need a lot of space for being kept and if you buy them regularly, your library can grow up to an unimaginable extent. Needless to say, the majority of your books will never be read once again.

Find out how an ereader will help you to solve this problem as well as many others.

All books in one device

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest advantages of using an ereader is a possibility of keeping a large collection of books in this small device. Even though you might be a real fan of printed versions of books, which certainly are offering you an experience which you can’t enjoy even with the most advanced ereader device, but the problem of space needed for storing them is really serious.

Undoubtedly, a large home library is something not everyone can afford. Of course, the reason for it is not the price of the books which, albeit are still pretty expensive, can sometimes be actually purchased for very small amount of money, especially when if they are second-hand. The problems is definitely related to space such a library needed and that is something an average person living in a small flat can’t afford.

Still, when we are speaking about the space needed for storing books, we do not mean just an entire collection of printed editions. Suffice to say the mere travelling with one single book can cause some trouble, particularly, when this book is rather large and heavy. Just imagine all that preparation before trips and holidays when you were deciding which books to take and how just a couple of books was already exceeding a kilogram of weight. Even daily travelling from home to work can take some time and so you might would like to use it for reading a new book under the condition you are using public transport for getting to work. Undeniably, it will be a way easier for you to grab a super thin lightweight ereader which keeps not just a single book but an entire collection of them.

An improved reading experience

Certainly, the reading experience offered by a real printed book is something totally unique with all that smell of paint and fresh paper and tactile comfort given by turning the pages over. You do not even have to read a book in order to enjoy the cosiness of the contact with this amazing creation of people. Just visit a local book shop and you will get absorbed by its fantastic atmosphere.

Yet, using an ereader has its own benefits when it comes to a reading experience as well.

First of all, you can make highlighting of nay passages in an ebook without changing the pages permanently. All of the highlighting can be reset easily. At the same time, using particular model of ereaders, for example, one of the Amazon Kindle electronic books, you can also get access to the highlighting made by other readers.

Second of all, some ereaders have a function of translating any word you choose right in the text. This is a highly useful function if you are reading books in foreign languages.

Certainly, you can come across such functions in book reading apps for smartphones as well. Yet, there is a huge difference between smartphones and the devices designed exclusively for reading ebooks.

The idea of ereaders is being a good alternative to printed books. This is achieved by a pecial technology used in these gadgets. For instance, one of the most popular Kindle models which is Kindle Paperwhite is using a special technology known as E Ink Carta. The idea of this technology is that it simulates the effect of real paper and text printed on it. That is why ebooks do not even look like smartphones or tablet computers. You might even find their screens not thus bright, however, this is essential for creating this effect of real paper.

Still, the purpose of this effect is not simply creating some impression for people who are too used to reading printed books. That is actually done in order to protect your eyes and create the most comfortable appearance of the text which will allow you to enjoy reading for as long as you want without feeling eye fatigue.

Some ereaders are also equipped into a dimmable screen. This brings the reading experience even to a higher level making it easier to read during rather sunny days as well as at nights. The letter, for instance, is achieved by a special design of some ereader models which have LED lights beneath the screen. These are not ordinary lights, since their light is quite similar to the natural light which means they won’t disrupt your sleep when you decide to read before going to bed which is a popular problem among the people using their smartphones and tablet computers right before the bed.