These useful extensions for your browser will make your life easier

Are you using any extensions for your browser? Some of them can be pretty useful! There is a variety of handy extensions for more convenient sessions of Internet using as well as a number of extensions which will make the time you are spending in front of your computer more productive. Check this article for more ideas.

Managing your tabs

One of the most popular problems people are facing while using their browsers is managing tabs. Having too many tabs is never a good idea as it makes the entire browser freeze often and also make it rather complicated for the Internet users to navigate through all of that information. Some of the extensions for tab management can prove to be really useful.

One of great choices is OneTab which can be installed for Edge, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Opera as well as Safari. This is one of the simplest ways to save your tabs as a list. In addition to it, you will also be able to share the list of your saved tabs. It is possible to open all of these tabs at a time afterwards.

Tabli is another option for managing your opened tabs. For storing the links to your tabs, this extension is using a vertical panel. A useful feature of this product is not shortening the links, so that you will see exactly the address and will be able to navigate through them more easily.

Install Tabli for Yandex Browser, Google Chrome, Edge or Opera.

Safety of the Internet

Certainly, one of the crucial issues is staying safe while using the Internet. The modern trend is using the HTTPS protocol instead of a less reliable HTTP. Yet, even though the practice of using HTTPS is better than the usage of HTTP, the latter is still rather widespread. Fortunately, you will be able to switch to HTTPS even in such cases if you install a special extension for your browser. A great tool for this purpose is HTTPS Everywhere which is compatible with Yandex Browser, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera.

An amazing extension which will help you to protect yourself while using the Internet is Web of Trust. Web of Trust is a service which allows its users to give grades to various websites assessing their safety and especially note the ones which were not secure. If you install this extension, you will see rating of websites which will give you some insight on whether you should visit such a website or not. Dangerous or suspicious websites are marked with red colour, so you will certainly be informed not to visit them. This great extension is available for the users of Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Firefox, Edge and Opera.

A better reading experience

Another group of extensions you can use for browsers is aiming to improve the reading experience of users. For instance, there are extensions which will make it easier for you to read on your screen in the darkness.

Dark Reader is one of the best extensions of this category since, unlike the majority of products it is changing only the colour scheme of the browser’s interface but it does not changes the appearance of all of the websites. This is a crucial feature of this extension since it does not switch the websites into a mode with a very poor brightness. Anyway, with this extension, you will be able to adjust colours exactly to your own needs. Dark Reader can be installed for Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Opear, Edge and Firefox.

Mercury Reader will also help you to switch your browser to a special mode earmarked for reading in the darkness. Yet, this is not the most crucial feature of this extension. It will be able to solve an entire range of problems which the users of the Internet are facing while surfing. It will also block advertisements, stop automatic playing of video or switch small typing to a more readable one. Needless to say, this will make the overall experience of using your browser more pleasant.Mercury Reader can be installed for Google Chrome and Opera. Pay your attention to the fact similar functions are already inbuilt into such browsers as Edge, Safari, Yandex Browser and Firefox.

Another useful tool for reading articles on the web is Pocket. This service will let you save articles that you have come across and would like to keep for later. The service can be used as an extension for your browser or installed as a stand-alone app on your smartphone. Pay your attention to other amazing features this extension has. For example, with the help of Pocket, you will be able to listen to the articles and create groups of favourite articles. The browsers compatible with Pocket are Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Opera, edge and Safari.

A very simple yet handy feature can be added to your browser with such an extension as AutoPagerize. The function of this extension is allowing you to scroll through the results of the search with Google and Yandex without a need to switch to the next page manually. This one can be installed for Google Chrome, Edge, Opera and Yandex Browser.