Even more useful extensions for your browser

We have already discussed some of the great extensions available for the majority of top browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Edge, Yandex Browser and Safari. Here, you will find even more ideas how to make the work on the web more efficient with these handy tools.

Working with texts

Needless to say, a large amount of work you are doing on the web is actually related to texts. The choice of extensions with various functions for work with text information is available for the most popular Internet browsers and some of them can really make your life easier.

For instance, instead of switching to a service with a dictionary or a translator, you can use a special tool called ImTranslator. This extension will open a window exactly on the tab where you currently are. Do not worry about the quality of the translations offered by this extension since it is using the technologies of Microsoft and Google. This extension can be installed for Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge and Yandex Browser.

A situation in which you need to use a text which you have just checked on your PC on your smartphone. You can used it in different ways including sending it with your mail. Yet, the simplest and fastest option you can adopt is creating an account on PushBullet. By the way, this service available as an extension for Google Chrome, Edge, Yandex Browser, Opera and Firefox will allow you to send small files as well. Of course, it also works the other way around and you will be able to send files from your smartphone to your PC as well.

If you need a tool for checking your texts in English on an advanced level, you can give a shot to Grammarly which will automatically check all of the texts you are writing on various websites. Note that the extension will be able to check not only the orthography but also the punctuation of the texts. On top of that, the tool is giving explanations of various mistakes. Note that this tool is available for free in a limited version. A premium version is available as well.

Keeping annoying advertisements and unnecessary elements of websites at bay

Needless to say how annoying advertisements can become making it literally impossible to check any content on a website. One of the best extensions for such browsers as Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, opera, Firefox, Safari and Edge is Adblock Pluswhcih will successfully block banners intervening into the flow of using the web.

A particularly disturbing element of websites is a banner either with an advertisement or a registration form which cannot be closed. Some developers hide the cross button for closing such elements on purpose so that you will have to check the banner. Sometimes the button is there but instead of closing a banner it is just redirecting you to another website. Fortunately, it can be avoided if you use a special extension for Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex Browser or Edge. The extension is called BehindTheOverlay which will give you a special button for closing such windows forcefully. You can also switch the extension to the mode known as Overlay Remover Auto which will close the banners on its own.

Tools for keeping a track of your mail

Sometimes, your mails can get into spam so that the recipient will never notice a message from you. Certainly, in some situations it can be rather serious if the mail is really important. If you install Mailtrack, you will be able to check whether the messages sent via Inbox or Gmail were actually opened by the recipient.

Increasing your productivity

There is nothing strange in the struggle of many Internet users to stay focused while working on the web. No matter what exactly do you like to do while surfing the Internet, where it is chatting, scrolling posts on social media, watching video, reading forums on the topic you are interested in, downloading various things, checking the sales in the online shops or reading news, this can kill a lot of the time which you absolutely do not want to happen especially if you are trying to do some work online. Undeniably, in such a situation an extension which will be able to block some webistes will be really handy.

Try StayFocusd which is a special tool for setting a maximum amount of time for a day you are allowed to spend on a particular website. Going beyond the limit will simply block these websites till the next day. This extension is available for the users of Google Chrome, Opera, Edge and Yandex Browser. Firefox has a similar extension called LeechBlock NG.

Sometimes the environment you are in is not the best for staying focused on your work especially when you are distracted by various noises. In order to switch yourself from the surroundings and focus on your tasks, you can try an extension called Noisli. You can visit the website of this service and use sound of nature for creating your own mix. Some of the examples of such sounds are fire, wind or a flow of a river. Mix these sounds together the way you like and turn on the sound with the Noisli extension in your Google Chrome browser, Yancdex Browser, Opera or Edge.