The things to pay your attention to while choosing a smartphone – even more tips

We have already discussed the things you should take in consideration while choosing a smartphone. The previous time, we focused on the operation system and such crucial parts of a smartphone’s hardware as its RAM and processor. As you can imagine, there are more other essential parameters of a device which should be checked before making a final decision about a purchase. Check this article for more information.

The size of a smartphone

Even though each review of a new model of a smartphone always includes information on its weight, it is actually not thus important. Modern smartphones are using a similar design and there is no large difference in their weight. An average difference in the weight of different models is only 20-40 g which is something you will not be able to notice.

The same goes to the thickness of a smartphone. The majority of the smartphones of new a new generation are not thicker than one centimetre and, in all likelihood, the manufacturers will not be making the thinner since this will only make them rather fragile.

Yet, what really counts is the size of the screen. On the one hand, an average person can use a smartphone with a screen of less than 6 inches with one hand. On the other hand, you might not want to have such a smartphone as such a screen is actually pretty small for reading or watching videos. That is why it is recommended to take a phone into your hands and feel yourself whether it is convenient or not.

Screen resolution

Needless to say, everyone wants to have a smartphone with a great resolution since the higher it is , the more pixels it will be able to show. Yet, the screens of smartphones are rather small themselves which makes it almost impossible to notice any difference between particularly high parameters of resolution such as Full HD, 2K and 4K. Yet, as you can imagine, the higher the resolution is, the more expensive the smartphone is. On top of that, you will also notice the difference in the speed with which your phone will lose its energy while supporting a 4K screen and a Full HD screen.

For that reason, if you do not want to pay too much for your phone unnecessary and to have a particularly energy consuming model, there is definitely no reason for getting a 4K model.

The type of a display

Certainly, it is crucial for your phone to have a great display since you will be using it for a long time. In fact, modern smartphones are rarely using TN displays which had been popular before the advent of better technologies. Such displays had a way worse quality of image and were more energy consuming. Modern smartphones are equipped into IPS and OLED displays. OLED displays are particularly valuable due to their great ability of presenting black colours, excellent brightness as well as low energy consumption.

If you do not know which on to choose, you can take two phones with different types of displays in the shop and turn on the same pictures and videos on both of them. In such a way, you will be able to see which one is better on your own.


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, a camera is an extremely important part of a modern smartphone no matter whether you are addicted to constant posting of your photos on social networks or not since there are many more ways of using a camera.

When it comes to the cameras of smartphones, it is one more part of such devices with which a manufacturer can really allure you into paying more money for a device than needed.

Usually, it is done by advertising their smartphone as the one with a particularly large amount of megapixels for which you will have to pay quite a lot. Unfortunately, this will not guarantee you a good quality of photos. There are a lot of different characteristics and features of a smartphone having an impact on the quality of photos and videos its making. Even if the quality of the camera is excellent itself, it still has to be well-optimised with the software used by the device, otherwise it will not be able to work up to its maximum capacity.

For that reason, it is impossible to tell whether the photos made by a particular phone will be great or not just by reading about its parameters. What you can do is checking the quality of the photos and videos by watching reviews online.

Note that modern smartphones are also equipped in additional cameras which are going beyond a standard selfie-camera.

The battery capacity

What you really should invest in while choosing a smartphone is a great battery. Smartphone tend to be rather energy-consuming because of their particular design and in some cases you will have to recharge then even several times a day.

If only you have a chance, you should purchase a model with a battery with a capacity larger than 4 000 mAh which is particularly crucial if you are going to play massive games or use editors.