A short guide to choosing a smartphone: an operation system and hardware

Nowadays, the choice of devices on the market is absolutely overwhelming. On the one hand, you have a variety of models to choose from available for different prices. On the other hand, you might experience real difficulties while looking for the one which will suit your needs. Actually, as you can imagine, simply looking for the device with the maximum parameters might not be a sensible approach since you are risking to pay too much for something you will not be using. You should analyse the ways in which you are going to use your phone and this will give you clues on the best models.

In this article, you will find some hits on choosing the best model of a smartphone. Once again, note that the model will be the best for you and not for everyone.

Operation system

Needless to say, the two leading operation systems used in modern smartphones are iOS and Android. the argument between the adapts of these operation system is rather severe. The fans of iOS and Android are constantly trying to prove each other that their favourite operation system is the best. We are not going to analyse this question in such a way and, in all likelihood, people become devotees of one of this operation systems since it is really working good for them. This is what you are interested in, you also want it to work good for you.

When it comes to the smartphones using iOS, their choice is limited exclusively to the Apple production. Generally, these phones are featured by high reliability and great support from the manufacturer. One of the reasons of it is the fact the manufacturer is designing all off the pieces on one’s own making the system perfectly optimised for particular hardware. Smartphones working with Android might not be thus well-optimised and sometimes manufacturers are even alter he system making it more costumed according to the view of their product. This can cause unnecessary bugs and is also making the actualisation process of the system on particular devices more difficult.

At the same time, all of the smartphones working with iOS can be regarded as premium which does not make them available for people who are looking for a cheaper device. The choice of phones with Android includes very cheap models as well as the devices of the supreme category. Of course, you should not forget about the fact Android is still more widespread than iOS which gives its users a larger choice of apps.


Now, when you have some idea about the operation systems used in the modern smartphones, it is time to switch to the hardware. As you can notice, the parameters of the hardware used in smartphone is being constantly improved. Yet, cutting-edge elements are not always needed while they are almost always rather expensive.


In the majority of cases, a processor of a smartphone is crucial exclusively to people who are using particularly energy-consuming programmes which are games in the majority of cases. That is why, if you are a gamer, you should certainly invest into one of the newest models of such a device with the latest version of a processor. The best approach will be getting the one which was released the previous year, so that you will have a possibility of reading the reviews of the people who have already had a chance of using this smartphone. It is crucial since sometimes even the most expensive smartphones with the best hardware are poorly optimised which is making their usage rather complicated.

For all of the other users, the power of the processor is not thus crucial. Of course, you should be careful if you are planning to purchase a particularly cheap model. Again, refer to the reviews of other users and also check such a smartphone on your own.


Actually, for the majority of users the amount of RAM is a more crucial parameter of a smartphone than its processor. While a regular processor will be enough for dealing with the amount of programmes you are going to use, RAM might not be enough. Pay your attention to the fact that the amount of information modern smartphone users are processing with their devices might require more than 2 GB of RAM. At the same time, there is also no purpose for purchasing a smartphone with RAM greater than 4GB if you are not planning to play rather recourse-consuming games. Getting a smartphone with 8 GB of RAM will be just a waste of money in your case.

Memory capacity

When it comes to the memory capacity of a smartphone, everything depends on the information you are storing and the way you are storing it. Some people are keeping all of their personal photos and videos on the cloud and listen to the music and watching videos exclusively online. In such a case, you might even make do with 16 GB of memory. However, if you want to keep most of this information on your phone or are planning to keep a great amount of programmes on the device, you will need a way more memory.

Note that inbuilt memory is usually more expensive than memory cards of the same capacity. Yet, if you are planning to purchase a phone with two SIM card slots, you should be aware of the fact one of them is also used for a memory card in the majority of the new phones.