Is purchasing a laptop still a good idea?

If you are not aware of the statistics on the market of electronics, you should know that laptops are a way more frequently chosen by computer users than desktops. Actually, during the last year, approximately 88 million desktop computers were sold whereas the number of laptops sold was almost twice as large.

There are many reasons for which users love laptops, however, many of them do not realise that they can actually benefit from using other types of computers more. Of course, this is not true in every possible case. If you are still wondering whether you should buy a laptop or not, we hope this article will help you to make the best decision.

What makes laptops popular among users?

Laptops are highly useful electronic devices since they are combining the functions of desktop computers with portability. Due to their small size and weight, you can easily take them in your bag.

The functionality of laptops allows you to use these devices for various entertainment purposes such as watching films or gaming as well as for some more advanced tasks including designing works, programming and much more. Of course, word processing is one of the most popular tasks performed on laptops as well.

In some cases, laptops are really a great choice, however, there are also situations in which you should pay attention to alternative options.

When do you need to buy a laptop?

Although tablet computers are becoming more and more popular nowadays and can be a really excellent alternative to a laptop, in these situations you will hardly make do without a laptop.

When you need peripherals

If your job or a field of studies includes the usage of additional tools which require being plugged into your device, you might find it more useful to keep working on your laptop. Although many modern printers can be used without applying any wires and it is also not difficult to avoid using USB sticks, there is still some computer equipment which requires being connected to your computer in a physical way.

For example, if you are using an HDMI cable, a graphics tablet or need to frequently insert a SD card, it will be a way easier for you to do it while using a laptop.

When you need a large storage

Needless to say, memory is a crucial aspect when it comes to any device and especially, to the one you the one you are going to use as your all-purpose computer. No matter how rapidly technology is developing, offering customers tablet computers more and more storage, it is always less than the one available in laptops.

In addition to it, while you can use your laptop with a portable hard drive which today can have a couple of terabytes, the storage featuring a SD card compatible with your tablet computer will hardly have the same capacity.

When you want to use DVDs or CDs

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, CDs and DVDs seem to be some ancient artefacts today. Yet, you are definitely sure they are still widely used.

Many people have to deal with CDs at work on a daily basis which will not be possible if they have a tablet computer. Furthermore, it is quite possible that you still have a collection of films, music or games on disc which require a disc drive to be used. If this is a case, you definitely need a laptop with a drive.

When you need to use your device with complex programmes

First of all, many advanced programmes are still not compatible with popular operating systems used in tablet computers. Even though some of them might be used on Android or iOS, usually, these are somewhat limited versions which won’t give you the entire functionality.

The same is true for gaming. If you enjoy playing just any games, using a tablet computer won’t be a problem for you. Yet, if you want to enjoy real gaming playing state-of-the-art computer games, in all likelihood, it won’t be possible to do it on a tablet computer.

When switching to alternatives is a good decision

There are many situations in which you should purchase a different device rather than a laptop. Here are some of the most obvious ones.

If you want to get a powerful device

If the computer resources of your device are of paramount importance for you, you should pay your attention to desktop computers in the first place. The reason for it is the fact you can get a much more powerful machine for less money compared to a laptop with similar parameters.

Partially, it is so since all the elements in laptops are produced miniaturised which is a more expensive process.

In addition to it, desktop computers prove to be more reliable than laptops and, of course, they can be used with large screens.

If you need a convenient portable device for simple tasks

If the work you are planning to perform on your device is not particularly demanding and does not require the use of peripherals, you might find tablet computers more comfortable. Actually, even though laptops are portable, they are not thus compact and light as tablet computers. Moreover, laptops require a proper place to be used in a convenient way, while tablet computers can be used wherever you need them.

Certainly, tablet computers are also a way cheaper than laptops.