Access legendary operating systems from the past right in your browser

If you remember some of the old operating systems, for instance, Windows 95 or even Macintosh Plus, you might feel nostalgic about getting back to these classic inventions which used to be widely used decades ago. Fortunately, this is still possible even if your machine is a way too new for being compatible with such systems. Actually, you can run their simulators directly in your browser without installing any additional programmes.

In this article, we have created a list of some of the operating systems of previous generations which can be run in your browser. Not, even if you have never had a chance to use a computer running on one of these systems, getting acquainted with them will be a great experience for any computer nerd. The only thing you should keep in mind while using these operating system online emulators is that you won’t be able to save any changes to come back to the same point after closing the emulator.

Classic Macintosh

How about trying to work with a ground-breaking operating system used in the first personal computers dedicated to the mass market equipped into graphical user interface? Of course, we are speaking about Classic Macintosh which was released in 1984 by Apple.

The Classic Macintosh emulator available online is using System 7.0.1 and provides its users with three programmes created for the early Mac computers. They are Kid Pix, MacPaint as well as MacDraw. You will be able to run the system on your computer flawlessly since it doesn’t require any large computer resources.

Macintosh Plus

Macintosh Plus is the follow-up of Classic Macintosh. This Apple’s operating system was released in 1986. The Mac computer running on this system was equipped into a floppy disk drive with 800 KB. It supported up to 4 MB of RAM and even up to seven peripherals.

The programmes and games available for this version of Macintosh were Shufflepuck, Risk and Cannon Fodder.


Although the original version of PC DOS 5 came to the market in 1981 as the operating system of the first personal computer developed by IBM, the browser emulation you can use on your modern machine is based the updated version of PC DOS 5 released in 1986. The computer using this version of the PC DOS OS was IBM PC XT 286.

This device had 6 MHz processors, a hard drive of 20 MB as well as RAM with 640 KB.

The fans of Monkey Island, Civilization as well as Wolfenstein 3D will enjoy the possibility of unsing the online emulator of PC DOS 5!

AmigaOS 1.2

AmigaOS 1.2 was used for the first time in the Commodore Amiga 500 the release of which was announced in 1987. This was one of the most popular computers of the entire Amiga series and was developed as a gaming machine. It was compatible with such world-known games of that time as Lemmings, Sensible Soccer, The Secret of Monkey Island and Elite.

Commodore Amiga 500 was equipped in 512 KB of RAM and a 32-colour screen with a resolution in the range starting from 320×200 up to 640×400.

The emulator of Amiga you can use via the Internet has a variety of popular programmes designed for Amiga. Some of them are Speech, Boing, Boxes, Lines, Dotes, Juggler and Robocity.

Windows 3.1

April 1992 was the time when the world saw such an operating system as Windows 3.1 which was the next version of Windows 3.0 and included a lot of improvements.

For instance, this operating system was the first of the Widows series using the True Type font system with three native fonts. They were Times New Roman, Courier New and Arial. Other new features of this version of a Windows operating system were the Program Manager application and the icons of the drag-and-drop type. Furthermore, Windows 3.1 had a mouse support for the programmes running with MS-DOS.

It was promised that Windows 3.1 would have its maximum limit for memory of 4 GB. It was 256 MB in reality though.

The programmes available for usage via the Windows 3.1 online emulator include some tools like Paintbrush and Write as well as Solitaire and Minesweeper games. The emulator always gives its users the access to Control Panel.

The next version of Windows which replaced Windows 3.1 was Windows 95 which can also be accessed via a browser emulator. Interestingly, the support for Windows 3.1 had existed till 2008.

Windows 95

One of the most essential versions of Windows which have ever been released is Windows 95 which entered the market in August 1995.

One of the most crucial features of this system was its structure and appearance which became the foundation of the modern Windows systems. Furthermore, this was the first operating system designed by Microsoft not using MS-DOS for accessing the computer disk and files.

The emulated version of Windows 95 will allow you to turn the full-screen mode on and also disable the use of your mouse.