The most successful distributions of Linux

Have you ever thought about installing Linux on your computer? Actually, Linux itself is not a full-featured operating system since it includes exclusively a kernel. Yet, there is an abundance of operating systems created on the basis of the Linux kernel and you really have a variety of them to choose from.

On the one hand, this really give you lots of possibilities. On the other hand, it might make the task rather complicated since you will need a lot of time to decide which one to choose. In order to make this task easier for you, we have chosen the best Linux distributions available today and divided them into categories depending on the purpose for which you would like to install one of them on your computer. Thus, decide why do you need Linux in the first place and jump straight to the section including the Linux distributions created exactly for this usage.

The best Linux distributions for general purpose

If you are looking for a multi-purpose operating system based on the Linux kernel, you can start with Ubuntu, however, it is not the only successful OS of this type.


Ubuntu is an operating system based on Debian. As a user interface environment, Ubuntu is using GNOME. So far, this is one of the most widespread operating systems using Linux. It is suitable for installing on various devices including laptops, desktop computers and hybrid devices. In addition to it, you can easily use this system on the same machine where another system is installed, for instance, with Windows.


Debian itself is one of the first distributions of Linux. It is equipped with GNOME. This operating system can be used with other kernels as well, for instance, with FreeBSD.


One of the Debian testing branches gave the life to a customised distribution known as SparkyLinux which is equipped into LXDE but can be used with other desktops as well.


Fedora is a Linux-based operating system the creation of which was sponsored by Red Hat owned by IBM. Although by default is it used with the GNOME environment, you can switch to a variety of other options including LXDE, KDE, Cinnamon, Xfce or MATE.

Furthermore, there is also a variety of the Fedora versions as well which are called spins.


CentOS is actually a clone of Fedora created by a community. The name CentOS itself stands for Community Enterprise Operating System. Installing CentOS, you will have a great opportunity to use an operating system developed according to the standards of enterprise which is available for free.


openSUSE was developed by the openSUSE Project the aim of which was to create a general-purpose distribution of Linux useful for both novices and advanced users. Among other programmes inclodued into this operating system, you will find YaST which is used for managing packages and installing other programmes.

Slackware Linux

The Slackware Linux operating system is a peculiar distribution since it is one of the Linux versions most similar to Unix.

This OS is simple and secure and is especially handful when it comes to the management of servers since, right after installation, you will get access to email, web and FTP servers. You can try Slackware Linux as a virtual machine before installing it on your computer.

Gentoo Linux

If you are searching for a Linux distribution which will provide you with total control over your machine, you should pay your attention to Gentoo Linux which is regarded as one of the best Linux-based operating systems by many users.

Gentoo Linux can be used for absolutely different purposes due to its high performance and versatility. In addition to it, Portage which is an advanced package for managing the system is also included into the software.


Mageia is a fork of the Mandriva Linux operating system which is completely community-driven. This free software can be used with all the most popular desktop environments.

The best Linux distributions for gaming

If you think there is no way to play the majority of games on Linux, you are amking a great mistake. Actually, there are many distributions allowing you to enjoy a large collection of both premium and free games.

SparkyLinux Game Over Edition

We have already mentioned SparkyLinux, however, you should also know about its version dedicated to gamers.

SparkyLinux Game Over Edition is focused on games and is especially useful for Linux enthusiasts who also enjoy gaming. The system already includes PlayOnLinux, Wina and Steam. The system is also equipped into the LXDE desktop.


Of course, you shouldn’t forget about SteamOS which is a Linux distribution with optimised drivers for the best gaming performance. The installation of this operating system will give you excellent graphics and sound effects as well as a Steam client.

Other useful Linux versions

There are two major enterprise Linux distributions which are Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise.

If you prefer a lightweight version of Linux, you can try Lubuntu, Linux Lite, Xubuntu, Puppy Linux, Arch Linux, Manjaro Linux, Bodhi or NuTyX.

For working with multimedia projects, you might prefer Ubuntu Studio or Fedora Design Suite.