The best Android apps: July 2020

What are the most interesting Android apps released in July? If you are a user of a smartphone with the Android operation system, you will definitely find our list of the best programmes that include games as well as application useful various purposes.

1.      Motion Cam

Providing the quality of your photos is highly important for you, you definitely should try Motion Cam developed by Mirsad Makalic and available for Android users for free.

Motion Cam is based on an advanced algorithm that creates one picture of several photos in order to minimise the amount of noise. In addition to it, you will find a great variety of options that can be customised in this application. The final image given by this programme is in a RAW file.

The only thing you need for using this programme is a smartphone with a camera of a high quality suitable for Camera2 API.

2.      VMX Video Editor

If you are looking for a great app for editing your videos on your smartphone or a tablet computer with Android, you should pay your attention to VMX Video Editor. With the help of this programme, you will be able to cut your videos into pieces, rearrange them, add text and music. The final video can be saved as a MP4 file with a customisable level of compression.

VMX Video Editor was created by AndOr Communications Pvt Ltd and is offered to the Android users for free.

3.      NotificationHistory – Recent Message Saver

Not all of the Android devices have an option of saving notifications and sometimes a possibility of checking the history of notifications can be really useful. In order to provide everyone with a toll saving the history of your notifications, Android Does Team created NotificationHistory – Recent Message Saver that is offered completely free of charge.

The programme will save all the notifications you receive on your smartphone or a tablet computer. Then, if you accidentally remove a notification, you will be able to find it in the NotificationHistory.

4.      Bibino

If you download and install Bibino which is a free Android app created by TappyTaps s.r.o., you won’t need to buy a baby monitor.

This programme will use the camera of your smartphone in order to monitor your child allowing you to see him or her. Additionally, you will be able to talk with the baby and record everything going on in the room. Moreover, the algorithm of the programme is able to distinguish when the baby is panicking. In such a case, you will receive a notification. Bibino can also play lullabies to your baby.

5.      LinKeep

No doubts, the Internet is full of interesting information. A lot of the things we see online are quite useful and we would like to keep it within our reach and the simplest way of doing it is saving the windows in the browser programme. Still, it is not the best way of keeping all the links you need in one place and there is no need for explaining why it is so. A browser filled with tens of windows can’t work properly in the first place let alone providing its user with some convenience.

Fortunately, the Francesco Pennella development team have created the LinKeep – Keep and manage your links programme for your Android device. This free app will allow you to save and sort all your links, add comments to them and share the links with other people. It is also possible to back the links up with Google Drive.

6.      RainViewer

In case you are looking for a comfortable meteorological app, you should try RainViewer created by  Oleksii Schastlyvyi.

First of all, this programme has plain well-organised interface which makes the app easy to use. Secondly, it has a set of highly useful functions. For instance, you can choose a localisation and turn off notifications that will tell you about a high probability of rain. Of course, RainViewer also has weather forecast and a map of meteoradars.

You can use RainViewer completely for free.

7.      Mi Control Center: Notifications and Quick Actions

Mi Control Center: Notifications and Quick Actions designed by Treydev Inc is dedicated to those Android users who like the MIUI interface used in the Xiaomi smartphones. This free app will change the style of the appearance of your device changing it into a panel with white and blue icons.

The panel will show you notifications, manage your music and quickly respond to messages.

The programme is available for free.

8.      Spirit Sprint

If you enjoy playing platformers, you should check the new game developed by Delta Reality available in Google Play under the title of Spirit Sprint.

The graphics of Spirit Sprint is very appealing making its interesting gameplay even more attractive. Here, you will turn into different animals which have to get rid of the obstacles on their way. For instance, you will be able to play as a wolf, a bat or a bird. The game is exciting and absorbing and you can play it without paying anything.