Free VPN – choose the best service and use it free of charge

There are many options when it comes to the choice of VPN programmes. Some of them are available only after choosing a paid subscription whereas others can be used for free. Of course, the majority of users would prefer the letter group of services, however, it is important to understand which of the options are really working. In this article, you will find a list of VPN services which can really be used without paying anything.


If you are looking for a great VPN with no major limitations in its free version, Betternet might be the best option for you. This VPN service will not require any registration or customisation there are no limits for traffics and a nice choice of servers. Betternet will switch to the fastest one automatically, however, while using the programme for free, you will not be able to switch to a different server according to your preferences. Another minor disadvantage of this programme is advertising shown in the free version while used on mobile phones.

Couldflare WARP

Clouflare WARP is somewhat similar to Betternet. This VPN service also offers unlimited traffic for free. The speed of the Internet available with this service is also unlimited, thus, it can be used for downloading files and streaming.

Just like in the case of the previous service, Cloudflare WARP will not allow you to choose a specific server. The programme is switching to the best server automatically.


The free version of SurfEasy might not seem thus attractive to some Internet users as it offers a rather limited amount of traffic. Actually, without paying, SurfEasy will provide you only with 500 MB per month. Yet, it has a great free feature which is not available in the majority of other VPN services which can be used for free. This feature is a possibility of using the service on five different devices without paying anything for it. Usually, VPN services are available only on one device for free.

Another great feature of this service is lack of any limits for the speed of the free version of the programme.

The premium version of SurfEasy will also block ad trackers for you and will provide you with an extended list of servers for connection.

Private Tunnel

Private Tunnel has nine servers in its free offer as well as a possibility of using the same account on three different devices. The limit can be extended by purchasing additional packages. So far, the developers are offering a 20 GB package as well as a 100 GB package per month.

Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Phantom VPN was created by the developers of the Avira antivirus programme. If you use this programme without any registration, you will be able to enjoy the free traffic in the amount of 500 MB. The limit can be extended for free with registration. Then, the total amount of traffic per months will be equal to 1500 Mb.