Free video editors for your computer and smartphone

Are you looking for a good video editor for your computer or smartphone which will offer you a large variety of tools free of charge? Here, you will find a variety of such tools.

Free video editors for iOS and macOS

Look at the variety of free tools for editing video which can be used on macOS and iOS.


If you are not looking for particularly advanced features for video editing, you should pay your attention to iMovie which is a classic video editor suitable for both desktop computers and smartphones.

The interface of the both versions of the programme is very convenient and is equipped into a handy browser for media files. There is an inbuilt gallery of filters and effects available in the programme. You can also use ready templates for different type of projects and choose from a wide range of formats for export.


If you are not looking for an advanced video editor and all you would like to do is just create short videos for sharing on social networks, Clips will be a good choice for you.

This app was designed specifically for iOS and it is filled with countless stickers which can be used for any purposes. There are also animated posters and advanced subtitles.

Free cross-platform video editors

There are also several useful video editors which can be used on different types of platforms.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve will be useful for the users who are looking for a free tool with advanced functions. This programme has a particularly large choice of functions for correcting sound and image.

Note that DaVinci Resolve has some limits when it comes to its free version, however, the majority of users will not suffer from the inability of using them. Some of these functions are a bit smaller 4K-resolution as well as water marks coming with some filters.

DaVinci Resolve can be installed on Linux, Windows as well as macOS.


If you want to use a professional video editor which is chosen by Hollywood video producers, you should try Lightworks. This programme is equipped into complex functions such as multicamera montage as well as colour correction with machine acceleration. These features are available exclusively in rather expensive professional video editors.

Lightworks is also not completely free. Yet, its basic version is available free of charge and it will provide you with advanced features anyway. There are just a couple of things which are limited for the users of the free version of Lightworks which are limited export options for loading your videos on Vimeo.

Lightworks can be used on Windows, Linux and macOS.


Shotcut can be useful for both beginners and advanced users of video editors.

One of the particular advantages of this programme is its highly intuitive design which is certainly making the work with the tool simple. All the necessary basic functions for video editing are available in this programme as well as more advanced ones such as mixed filters, gradients as well as exporting not only in a particular video format but also in the format most suitable for a particular device.


Another great tool which can be used on Linux, Windows and macOS is OpenShot. The programme is completely free whereas the functions it is offering are quite advanced. The interface of the programme is user-friendly so even beginners will not have any difficulties while using it.


Unlike the previous programmes for editing video, Avidemux is rather simple and will certainly not offer you any complex features. Still, when it comes to basic video editing, the programme will easily cope with various tasks. It is especially handy for cutting videos since this function is executed without recoding of the video which will allow you to save time.

Avidemux can be used on Windows, macOS and Linux.

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express was designed for people who are just starting their adventure with film editing so the choice of functions is quite basic. Yet, there are several tools which are quite advanced such as colour correction, masks and work with panoramic videos. Furthermore, the programme allows its users to work with 3D objects and add special effects to particular parts of the video.

Once you are done with your video, you will be able to export it in different forms which can be customised according to your needs.

Pay your attention to the fact HitFilm Express is available absolutely for free while paying a particular amount of money will help you to unlock bonus features. Yet, you will not be asked to pay a predefined amount of money for getting access to the full versions. Instead of that you will be able to choose any amount of money out of the range. According to this amount, you will be able to unlock particular functions.

Note that HitFilm Express is currently not available for Linux and is supported only by macOS and Windows.