gaming keyboards under $50

Budget Gaming Keyboards Under $50

Before, only those who can afford expensive keyboards can experience good gameplay, but finding gaming keyboards under $50 is now easier. That is thanks to the help of modern technology. Now, everyone can have their excellent design without having to dig deep in their pockets.

Having a good setup is also not only for aesthetics but improves your chances of winning each game. Get ready to find out the best budget gaming keyboards under $50. Make sure to check your local shop or go online and visit legitimate stores selling these keyboards on fantastic deals!

Top 5 budget gaming keyboards under $50

Tecware Phantom 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard

First on our list of budget gaming keyboards under $50 is Tecware Phantom 87. From its badass look, swappable keys, and per-key RGB customization, this is genuinely an excellent mechanical keyboard under $50!  It has been branded as one of the best keyboards in the under $50 category, and the Phantom is available with Outemu browns, reds, and blues.

Corsair K55 RGB

Next on our list of budget gaming keyboards under $50 is Corsair K55 RGB. This one is a great quality keyboard that offers a level of quality you won’t typically see in membrane switchboards. The Corsair is backlit, has a rubber wrist rest, has lots of macro buttons, and you can customize its lighting in the iCUE software.

Eagletec KG010-RGB Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard is sturdy enough, thanks to the aluminum plate sitting beneath its RGB-lit keys. The Eagletec is an excellent alternative to Corsairs K70 and has earned its place in the best budget gaming keyboards under $50. Eagletec also has floating keycaps that look incredible when lit up.

Redragon K552 KUMARA RGB

Redragon needs no further introduction. This brand has always offered its patrons affordable yet high-quality products with a very sturdy base made of metal and responsive clicky blue switches. This compact board has crammed everything essential into a small space and still has some room for custom lighting.

Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard

Last on our list of best budget gaming keyboards under $50 is Razer Cynosa. This board is one of the most visually appealing membrane boards under $50, and each key has a vibrant RGB backlight. It is perfect for streamers and those who are just beginning to enter the world of gaming.


These are only some of the best budget gaming keyboards under $50 you can get. If you are not a beginner but don’t want to spend too much on your keyboard, these are great too.

You can check these keyboards out online or go to your local electronics store and ask if they have these gaming keyboards in stock. These keyboards will not only help you win your game but would surely add to the aesthetic and vibe of your gaming set up too! Enjoy!

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